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Best Printing and Publishing Services in Rwanda.
MULTICOM is a company established since 2’000. Multicom provides a range of timely, high-quality and cost-effective printing.

To grow your business you need to promote your business. We can print and produce a wide variety of marketing materials with professional results.

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Standard Visiting Cards

Get cards that make a great first impression – and a lasting one.
When people remember your card, they remember your company. Our thicker, heavier premium plus business cards feel different when you hold them, so customers tend to give them just a little extra attention. And these highs-quality business cards can be handled many times with less chance of tearing, creasing or fading. So your card sticks around – and your business stands out.


Your business is one of a kind. Now your Standard Visiting Cards can be, too.

With a fresh box of professional Standard, Visiting Cards comes confidence. The knowledge that you’re prepared for every opportunity that comes your way. Whether you’re making first impressions, rewarding regulars with a loyalty card, or giving satisfied clients your contact info for next time, we’re here to help you look and feel ready to impress.

 Matte, easy-to-write-on back
Best for high-contrast designs

  • Rich, shine-free finish
  • Great for readability
  • Easy to write on
  • Noticeably thicker, heavier feel
  • 18pt UV glossy or matte paper
  • Still fit in any wallet or holder
  • Product Material: Paper, plastic, or Paperboard come from your choice.


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